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The behavior change game you play to quit your bad habits. 

Conquer Bad Habits with CRTFD QTTR

  • CRTFD QTTR (Certified Quitter), is the behavior change game to help you quit ANY habit.

  • The program guides you through the mental and physical preparation needed to confidently overcome cravings.

  • Earn points by completing protocols and tasks based in neuroscience that make behavior change easy.

  • Get on the Leaderboard and compete against others or form teams and make positive changes together.


My Story

My name is Fletch and I’m here to tell you about CRTFD QTTR, the game I created to help you quit your bad habits.

I'm the original Certified Quitter. I lost 85 pounds, quit drinking, quit nicotine, beat depression, overcome anxiety, healed my trauma and created a life so full of joy that it is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

I was deep in the abyss. I felt helpless and hopeless, but I found a way out. My purpose in life is to show others how they can heal themselves and inspire them to feel empowered to take those steps.

I created CRTFD QTTR as a roadmap to healing. It's my daily routine that's trauma informed, rooted in the psychology of behavior change and the power of dopamine.

We all have bad habits that hold us back. CRTFD QTTR is the proven way to take your power back and quit ANY bad habit.

Join our community today and unlock your full potential.

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The CRTFD QTTR Community

Welcome to CRTFD QTTR, your partner in breaking free from bad habits. Our game has been designed to help you achieve your goal of quitting, while our supportive community has been developed to help you stay on track. You can access our platform from anywhere in the world, at any time, making it easy and convenient to connect with others. At CRTFD QTTR, we believe that quitting bad habits doesn't have to be a daunting task. With our gamified approach and community of supportive individuals, we will make it easy for you to say goodbye to your bad habits, forever.

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Corporate Wellness

At CRTFD QTTR, we believe that healthy employees create a happy workplace. That’s why CRTFD QTTR makes the perfect addition to your corporate benefits package. We all have behaviors that hold us back and most people have goals like losing weight, quitting smoking or worrying less. Make your company stand out by offering this unique take on employee well-being.

Contact us to learn about enterprise packages and CRTFD QTTR improve your employee engagement and well-being while also decreasing the costs related absenteeism and preventable disease.

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